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Hard enduro flows in your veins?
Did you always want to visit the Holy Land?
An amazing opportunity for all Hard enduro lovers to reach the Holy Land
And To the Dead Sea Land area (the lowest place in the world) which is amazing in its beauty and natural treasures that it has to offer, and of course enjoy 3 days of motor festival combined with a dream vacation in a place among the most special in the world, with a variety of tourist fascinating attractions.
Especially for the competition, a motor village will be built, which will host all the competition and will be the home base for all the riding days.
In addition, the audience in the motor village will be able to enjoy food complexes, shopping, shows, and parties.
Special accommodation packages are also offered for the benefit of the public, including: accommodation, transportation by private car to the spectator points of the race, a spectacular tour in a helicopter above the competition route and the Dead Sea region where you can follow the riders closely from a bird’s eye view.

As part of the MINUS 400 competition, you will see the best riders in the world fighting in a particularly extreme arena, in a desert route with spectacular views, for example 3 days, each with a different concept:

Tuesday – 05/04/2022 – LEONARDO URBAN RACE
The first day is a day of competition that combines extreme riding with a unique urban riding Competitors will start on a 14 km long track that includes a unique SUPER ENDURO track that will be built in the motor village on the shores of the Dead Sea, from there they will continue to URBAN RACE in the main tourist area of “​​Ein Bokek” (Dead Sea hotels and bathing area). Obstacles which were specially built and from there back to the motor village for the finish lap.
Each rider will start separately and try to make the best time he can in order to qualify for the Super Enduro race to be held in the afternoon.

Wednesday – 06/04/2022 – YOCHANANOF DESERT PROLOGUE
The prologue will be held in the form of Hair Scramble in a special and challenging route along the desert route of the Dead Sea Mountains.
The competitors will be launched in groups of 10 competitors (the order of the groups and the launch will be determined according to the results of the previous day) From the motor village complex to a route that is about 18 km long of intense HARD ENDURO riding down the river and to the hills made of large rocks, loose dirt paths and several riverbeds, at the end they will return to the compound for a finish that includes another SUPER ENDURO round.

Thursday – 07/04/2022 – MINUS 400 MAIN EVENT
The start point of the main competition day is in the city of “Arad” (600 meters above sea level) from an old unused runway to a 75 km long track which is gradually built up and becomes more difficult as you get to its final checkpoints and ends at the Dead Sea minus 400 meters Below sea level. The route includes rocky riverbeds, hill climbing, narrow ridges, sharp descents and super-technical extreme sections.

On each of the riding days there are observation points for the general public from which you can see up close the riders you admire are fighting to be the first to cross the starting line.

For more information on tourism in the Dead Sea area, click on the following link:


A festive of motor. for the championship a special motor experience village has built only for you.
Come join us for 3 days of festive fun including food, shopping, concerts and crazy parties.
There is no way you don’t see yourself there.


You can sleep in the main hotel of the competition on race days and experience up close all the biggest stars of the industry before and after the race!

The competition hotel is the Leonardo Club Hotel – Dead Sea, which will host you in an all-inclusive format.

Purchasers of accommodation packages at the competition hotel will be allowed free entry to the motor village complex during the three days of the competition and entry to the final party of the competition along with all the gold riders and participants of the competition.