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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website of the MINUS 400 competition

The use of the website and / or ordering products from it, indicate your agreement to these terms and additional conditions that appear on the website, including the privacy policy and other instructions that may appear during the use of the website all together below, the binding documents.

The terms are worded in masculine for convenience only and apply, of course, to women as well. These terms apply to the use of the website and the services included on it, using any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, various PDAs, etc.).

They also apply to the use of the site, whether through the Internet or through any other network or means of communication.

Purchase through the site is subject to the conditions set forth in these terms and conditions and the actual purchase of the product on the site will constitute a declaration by the customer that he has read the provisions of these terms and conditions, understood them and agreed to them.

Below are the terms of use of the site, please read these terms carefully, because they constitute a binding contract between you and the production company MINUS 400 Racing.


  • The site allows customers to convenient, easy and safe purchase of the product via the Internet

  • The product can be purchased on the website at any time until stocks last

  • The purchase on the website is via a credit card, payment application and / or any other means of payment that the company deems appropriate to use. The transaction will be made after its approval by the credit company / company.

  • The price of the products on the website includes VAT

  • The company reserves the right to stop marketing and selling the products / tickets at any time and to deny the right to purchase on the site at its discretion.

Returns and cancellations when purchasing a product:

  • When purchasing a product / participation card, the buyer may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

  • The transaction can be canceled by contacting the production company’s customer service by e-mail.

  • The cancellation of the transaction will be valid only after receiving an e-mail or telephone confirmation from the company representative confirming the request to cancel the transaction.

  • In case the cancellation is approved – the product must be returned to the company when all the costs involved in returning the product will apply to the customer.

  • The product will be returned when it is in its original packaging together with the original invoice and that 14 days have not yet passed from the date of purchase of the product.

Product delivery and transportation:

  •  The company will take care of delivering the product to the customer to the address he typed when making the purchase on the sales site, within a time of up to 10 business days, unless the customer chooses a shorter delivery time plus payment according to the delivery price published on the site.

  • The company will not be responsible for any delay and / or delay in delivery and / or non-delivery, caused as a result of force majeure and / or events beyond its control.

  • Delivery of the product will be made to the address provided by the customer at the time of purchase.

Cancelling a transaction:

  • Registration for the race – Cancellation of registration for a refund for registration for the race will be possible up to 30 days before the race and at the discretion of the production only and with the approval of a company representative at – ridersinfo@minus400.com

Purchasing an event ticket:

Cancellation of the transaction of purchasing tickets for an event made through the website can be done within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the transaction and no later than 7 (seven) business days prior to the event, and subject to the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations 2010 regarding cancellation of transaction ( Hereinafter: “Regulations”) as they will be known on the day of the transaction. On the date of cancellation of the transaction by the purchaser, the credit card in which the purchase transaction was made will be credited with the total purchase fee and a reduction equal to 5% of the transaction value. Or as provided in the regulations, whichever is lower. A request for a change in the order details by the buyer will be considered as a request to cancel the original order and open a new order.

If for such and other reasons the event is canceled, the buyer will be entitled to a full refund of the payment he paid for the return of the entrance ticket to the company offices (as long as the entrance ticket is held by him) no later than 30 business days from the show cancellation. After the expiration of the 30 days, the company will be exempt from its obligation to reimburse the buyer in any way. A buyer who has not yet withdrawn the entrance tickets will be credited to his account through the credit card company through which the transaction was made only. If the event is postponed to a new date, or transferred to another show site, then the ticket will be valid for the new date and / or the new site and / or the new structure of the site, as the case may be and the purchaser of an entrance ticket through the site may use it, or cancel the purchase 7 days from the date of such change.

Ordering VIP cards:

All VIP card reservations are binding. Cancellation option or other contractual withdrawal option is not expressly provided. The binding legal remedies are not naturally affected. The organizer may check the order and if necessary reject or limit the quantity. Purchased tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Rights and Restrictions:

An entrance ticket purchased gives the holder only the right to enter the area of ​​the motor complex, in accordance with the seat / entrance to the area indicated on the card and subject to the following:

  • The company and anyone on its behalf will not be liable to the cardholder who will not be able to enter due to his failure to arrive on time, for any reason and / or the closing of the doors in accordance with the instructions of the security forces. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons (hot, or cold, including a knife / pocket knife) and it is not possible to store them for safekeeping. The introduction of stills / video cameras is prohibited and cannot be stored on site
  • The management of the production reserves the right to remove a viewer / visitor who disturbs the proper order and / or acts violently and / or does not sit in the place marked on the card and in case the site management or anyone on its behalf exercises this right of the site management, the buyer / viewer / visitor will not be entitled to a refund Any and will not be able to come up with claims, or lawsuits against the company.

Race and safety participation:

The participant agrees to read and accept the safety conditions as well as the technical conditions before registration. Failure to comply with the following safety conditions and / or the technical conditions may endanger the event as well as other people and will result in immediate disqualification of the participant without further notice! In this case no refund will be given. Before the event begins the organizer will announce organizational steps. All instructions given by the organizer as well as those given by each of its identified staff members must be explicitly complied with. In case of any violations, Humphrey A time for a disciplined event or that may endanger the safety of the participant or the safety of other participants, the organizer will have the right to immediately disqualify the person responsible for the event and remove the person responsible for the event.

Participation in the event and driving on the event website is only allowed to holders of an Israeli racing license.

(It is possible to issue this type of license on the registration page)

The organizer reserves the right to carry out random inspections by a vehicle technician and in case of insufficient safety will issue a total driving ban at the event site, so a broken motorcycle may leave the event site only with appropriate transport or tow.

The participant is aware that almost all event complexes are unpaved terrain trails. Even if this area is used correctly, it is likely that damage was caused to the participant’s vehicle, such as damage to paint and the like, which the participant expressly receives as part of his participation.

Visitors are required to strictly adhere to all safety regulations and event conditions

Visitors are allowed to stay only in the designated visitor areas and not to leave them under any circumstances. Failure to comply with such instructions or failure to comply with the instructions and instructions of the organizer or the security forces may endanger the event and other persons and lead to the removal of the visitor from continuing to participate in the event without further justification! (In this case, the refund price will not be refunded

The organizer will inform visitors of additional organizational steps prior to the start of the event. The orders and instructions of the organizer and his agents must be followed. In the event of violations that disrupt the orderly course of the event or endanger the safety of the visitor himself or the other visitors, the organizer may exclude the visitor from the event at any time and prohibit further participation / presence at the event

Visitors may be refused entry to the event if there is good reason to believe that the event may interfere or other visitors may be disturbed. Access may be refused even if the visitor has not met the conditions, reservations or guidelines at previous events.

Customer Service:

For any questions or inquiries regarding any issue related to the above website, you can contact the company’s service representatives at the email address – info@minus400.com

Warranty and service:

  • The warranty for the product covers material manufacturing defects in the body of the product and / or its operation which were caused by the company,
  • The warranty is valid only for a customer who holds proof of original purchase and only if the purchase was made through the store / sales website: www.minus400.com
  • The company reserves the right to require the customer to prove that he is the original purchaser of the product.

  •  The exclusive remedy for any defective product covered under the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product.

  • The company’s total liability in respect of any defective product will in no case exceed the purchase price of the defective product

  • The company’s warranty will not apply in cases where the defect in the product was caused as a result of incorrect use

  •  The company will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the misuse or misuse of the product, including any accidental, special, indirect or consequential damage – to the extent permitted by law.

  • The customer is responsible and all risk and liability for loss, damage and damage to his body and / or his property and / or the property and / or the body of third parties, Arising from the use and / or non-use of the product, except in cases where it has been determined that the said damage was caused due to the sole negligence of the company.

Information security and privacy:

The production of the MINUS 400 race may use the information contained in the form in order to bring you the requested information and services, this personal information will not be disclosed and will not be used further for marketing purposes without permission.

  • The production of the race takes the usual precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information. In cases that are not under the control of the company and / or due to force majeure, The company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the customer, if this information is lost and / or used unauthorized.
  • The company undertakes not to make use of the information provided to it by the buyers but to enable the purchase on the sales site and in accordance with all laws.

  • In addition, this personal information may be used for market research purposes.

Intellectual Property:

All intellectual property rights in this sales site are the exclusive property of the production of the MINUS 400 race

No information from the site and / or this sales site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or used in any other way, unless prior written consent has been given by the company.

Law and Jurisdiction:

The interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be made in accordance with Israeli law only.

The exclusive jurisdiction against the company will be solely in the Beer Sheva Magistrate’s Court, since the regulations and everything related to the site are under the jurisdiction of the Israeli court and the center of activity of the company is in this area.