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On this page you can register for the first and historic edition of the MINUS 400 competition.
Please follow carefully the procedure in which you will need to provide some data that is mandatory in order to make the registration.

The cost of registration for the MINUS 400 competition is 250 euros.
The registration fee includes the following items:

Please note - for riders from foreign countries only (non-Israelis)

There are two documents that you must sign digitally whose purpose is to apply for an Israeli racing license.
This is a procedure of the Motor Driving Authority in Israel which requires every rider who competes within the borders of the State of Israel to have an Israeli racing license in accordance with state laws.

In order to continue the registration procedure, prepare the following data:

Please read the registration form carefully so that you do not miss mandatory details.

In order to start the registration process please click on the following link:

If you are over the age of 11 (SM2 license holder) and under the age of 18, you must sign out a consent form by one of your parents. Without this signed form you will not be allowed to participate in the race!

Non-Israel citizen

Non-Israel citizen +18

Non-Israel citizen Under 18

Israel citizen

Israel citizen +18

Israel citizen Under 18

If you are interested in renting a motorcycle and technical service (or just technical service) for the days of the competition, you can do so at the following link:

Registration has ended