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The Dead Sea
& Tamar Regional Council

The Dead Sea region is unique on a global scale.
It is the lowest place in the world at an altitude of minus 436 meters below sea level, which extends between the saltiest sea on earth in its eastern part and the Judean Desert in its western part. Along its length, the council unfolds near the Syrian-African fault line, the cradle of human culture that is a source of intercultural and inter-religious heritage for the three monotheistic religions. It houses world history, culture and heritage sites that unfold over a unique environment characterized by a variety of unique geological and geographical phenomena – Judean Desert, craters, nature reserves, oasis, unique flora and fauna and of course – the Dead Sea, the source of life of the council.

The Dead Sea is part of the Tamar Council, which covers a huge area of ​​1,570,000 dunams, with one of the largest tourist areas in the State of Israel, the “Ein Bokek” tourist complex with about fourteen hotels, 16 beaches, a promenade, commercial and leisure areas.

The council also includes heritage, culture, nature, landscape, leisure and recreation sites that attract thousands of hikers and vacationers for most of the year, with this movement increasing dozens of times over the weekends and holidays. The number of travelers reaches hundreds of thousands a year, in addition to hotel guests.

Travelers also stay in overnight car parks and rural accommodation sites scattered throughout the council area.