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Arad is a picturesque town located on the edge of the Judean Desert, its neighborhoods face an amazing view of sunsets and sunrises. Cultural life is full of events, shows and performances. It is full of artists and creators who find the muse in the desert atmosphere and open their home to the general public. Its residents are welcoming and maintain an enterprise of artistic, cultural and culinary home hospitality. In its streets you can see a mosaic of all the communities of Israel living comfortably side by side. Arad is a successful combination of city life with urban services along with intimate community life. It has trade, alongside industry, alongside tourism, it has activities the education system does well with its children, with qualities and awards and a great variety of studies where everyone can find their world.

Arad is located in the desert, on the desert and near the desert. It’s all one big urban nature. Its northern neighborhoods sit on hillsides and the landscape and desert penetrate into the city. The Environmental Unit conducts dozens of activities that preserve, educate and lead to the development of urban nature.

A recent nature survey conducted in the city by the Ministry of Environmental Protection revealed the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds the city.

To live in Arad is to live in nature (and with all the municipal services).

Arad itself offers fun, experiential content rich in activities for travelers and vacationers in the city. Such as, visiting artists’ homes, attending workshops, hosting homemade food, a tour following the writer Amos Oz, a jump to the Museum of Contemporary Art, and more. Arad is a central point for two-day star treks and there are many and varied accommodation options: B & Bs, family rooms, accommodation complexes

In the open desert, a youth hostel, a hotel in the city center and a boutique hotel in the north. The tourists in Arad will give you a pleasant and inviting vacation experience.
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