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The MINUS 400 race is a new race in the FIM HARD ENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP league And will open the 2022 season.
This is the first and historic HARD ENDURO race in the State of Israel which has come to make accessible to the entire world of riders the beauty and uniqueness of the State of Israel which is considered by many to be a paradise for HARD ENDURO lovers, Combined with the history of Israel and the Dead Sea region where the competition will take place.
Located in the heart of the desert in the lowest place in the world which makes the race unique in world scale.
The name of the competition is directly related to the Dead Sea which is at an altitude of minus 400 meters below sea level.

The extreme route of the desert area will prove who are the best, strongest and most determined riders in the HARD ENDURO world, and at the end of three days of a challenging competition, one of them will be recorded in the history books as the first winner of the MINUS 400 competition.

Competition structure:

The MINUS 400 competition will be spread over 3 days, each of which is different and special in its own form and character.

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The first day is a day of competition that combines extreme riding with a unique urban riding. The competitors will jump on a 14 km long track that includes a unique SUPER ENDURO track that will be built in the motor village on the shores of the Dead Sea, From there they will continue to URBAN RACE in the central tourist area of ​​“Ein Bokek” (Dead Sea Hotels and Bathing Area) For riding on an urban route and desert together with some rocks and some obstacles that were specially built and from there back to the motor village for the finish lap.
Each rider will jump separately and try to determine the best time he can in order to qualify for the Super Enduro race to be held in the afternoon.
In the afternoon there will be another URBAN RACE end that aims to improve the times of the morning end - this end alone is not mandatory and subject to the choice of the competitor.

* The URBAN RACE has a roof time of two hours from the start of each competitor.
* A competitor who chooses to leap to the end of the improvements, the result that we considers to be the ranking will be the fastest lap of the two he has ridden.

In the afternoon there will be a final of the 30 fastest competitors of the race day
It will be held on the SUPER ENDURO track in the motor village in the format of 10 minutes + coffee, at the end of which the podium ceremony will be held and the winners of the LEONARDO URBAN RACE will be crowned.

* The results of the first day will determine the division of the teams into the prologue day that will be held on the second day of the competition.

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The prologue will be held in the form of Hair Scramble in a special and challenging route along the desert route of the Dead Sea Mountains. The start-up will be in groups that will be determined according to the results of the first day. The competitors will be launched in groups of 10 competitors (the order of the groups and the launch will be determined according to the results of the previous day) From the motor village complex to a route about 18 km of intensive HARD ENDURO riding down the river and to the hills made of large rocks, loose dirt paths and several stream channels, at the end of which they will return to the complex for a finish that includes another SUPER ENDURO round. * For this race day, a roof time of about 3 hours is allocated from the moment of the start of each rider. * The results of the prologue will determine the launch order for the main competition day.

The strat of the main competition day is from the city of Arad (600 meters above sea level),
from an old unused runway to a 75 km long track which is gradually built and becomes more difficult as you get to its final landmark and ends at the Dead Sea minus 400 meters below sea level.
The route includes rocky riverbeds, hill climbing, narrow ridges, deep wadis, sharp descents and super-technical extreme sections.

* The main event has a roof time of about 6 hours riding maximum cross the entire route from the moment the first group was launched.

* At the reception, riders will receive a GPS file of a licensed training area on the same route as the competition route. Competitors will only be able to train in this area, the area will be supervised and the marked track for training must not be exceeded.

* Using GPS to aid in navigation is recommended - but not required.

The final ranking of the competitors will be made according to 4 categories depending on their arrival at the score point along the route.
Competitors who do not reach the finish line will be ranked according to the last score point they crossed.
The categories are:

How far do you think you can go?

Every rider who reaches the bronze medal mark and above will receive a finishing medal (depending on the category) And at the end of the race there will be a podium ceremony where the first winners in the history of the MINUS 400 race will be crowned.