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The Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea will serve as the main hotel of the MINUS 400 competition
Where all the big stars will be hosted along with all the other competitors.

The hotel will hold all the professional briefings every day and of course the big graduation party at the end of the competition.

Beyond free admission to the main competition complex (Motor Village)

Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation at a hotel with a water park, an adjacent beach, fun entertainment shows and delicious food. The Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea offers all these and much more. Here you can forget about the routine and indulge in everything that makes you fun: a bouncy and crazy entertainment team that presents colorful shows, wonderful meals at a high level, kids and youth clubs with a selection of games and activities, sunbathe by the pool, pamper yourself at the spa or spend time with the whole family the salt! The park offers 3 modern and amazing water slides.

Reservations can be made for several room types between 03/04/22 and 09/04/22 (latest departure)
Room rates are: (Prices for foreign residents are without VAT)

  • Single in a double room – 340 euro per night

  • Couple in a room – 340 euro per night

  • Couple + child in a room – 442 euro per night

  • Couple + 2 children in a room – 559 euro per night

  • 3 adults in a room – 500 euro per night